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Global competition and increasing customer demands are driving manufacturers to adopt Smart Manufacturing practices to improve operational efficiency, increase business insights by adopting proper production planning and grow margins while improving product quality.

Digital Data Integration and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies introduce new opportunities to utilize Multi Vendor Control Systems , sensors, actuators and equipment I/O data to provide a more accurate and holistic picture of manufacturing performance, providing immense potential for all Manufacturing organizations Segments

Smart manufacturing or connected enterprise enable the user to archive, analyze & optimize the cost factors associated with manufacturing processes. Major cost factors are :

I- Raw Material Consumption
Electric Power Consumption
Manpower cost
Utility Consumption
Effective utilization of assets , like process units (machines, vessels )

Centralized archiving system gathers the data from various intelligent devices by implementing a high speed common network (LAN) for these devices (things). Central LAN can also provide centralized monitoring SCADA system to have the operational view of all processing units/machines at one place.

Industrial IOT enabled software solution implements production reports, Maintenance reports, Dash board reports, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

We have successfully implemented smart manufacturing solutions in pharma & packaged food industry.