Why Us


Sophisticated 15,000 sq. ft. office in Pune, India, and a ultra modern shop floor facility spread over 5500 sq. ft. The shop floor is well-equipped to handle variety of works such as MCC and control panel manufacturing, simulation testing and FAT.

A dedicated software development department for developing, testing and inspection of different automation applications, SCADA and third party network set-ups.

Qualified, well-trained workforce of over 100+, including 65+ engineers, shop floor technicians, sales and marketing team, accounts managers and others.

Industrial automation training facility on DCS, PLC, SCADA with simulators and process skid.


Application Knowledge

Since inception, AAPL has been mainly serving our esteemed clients, OEMs and end-users such as Alfa Laval, Tetra-Pak, PRAJ, GMM-Fraudler, Biocon, Serum, Ruchi Group, UB, Kumar Metals, Veendeep, DD Enterprises and many others.

Over the period, AAPL has built expertise in Food and Pharma industries and have worked on various applications of brewery, dairy, distillery, beverages, vegitable oil & life-science.

Our in-depth application knowledge helps us provide superior and cost-effective automation solutions to customers.

Due to our vast experience of vertical applications, we add the value to customers by recommending certain solutions which drastically improves the quality and productivity.

We share the latest trends and technologies of automation in these verticals to improve our customer's businesses & ROI.

Expertise in providing Smart Manufacturing solutions. Our IT team is well conversant with implementation of manufacturing reports, predictive maintainence report, OEE solutions for small to medium-level manufacturing plant.


Financial Stability

We have always believed in sustainable growth.

We have always adopted the policy of investing our profits back into our business to ensure the company's future growth.

AAPL has owned high credentials with business associates by honoring financial commitments.