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Vegetable Oil

We provide Automation solutions on turnkey basis. Our areas of expertise are - Preparatory, Solvent Extraction & Meal cooler, Neutralization, Bleacher & Deodorization, Dry-fractionation, Crystalization - Filter press, Hydrogenation unit, Tank farm and Utility.

We have commissioned different types of edible oil manufacturing processes for Soybean, Palm, Sunflower, Vanaspati, Rise Bran, Mustard, Groundnut etc.

We undertake the retrofit jobs (old manual plant converted in full automation) to improve process parameters like steam consumption, hexane recovery and yield.

Our higher end solutions provide production reports, maintenance reports and dash-board reports.

Company Name Location
Liberty Oil Mills Ltd Maharashtra
Tinna Oil & Chemicals Ltd Karnataka &Maharashtra
KTV Oil Ltd Maharashtra & Tamilnadu
Gokul Refoils & Solvent Ltd Gujarat
GUJOIL Ltd. Gujarat
Bunge India Tamilnadu
Bunge India Gujrat
Kanpur Edible Oil Ltd UP
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd 9 Plants all over India
Gokul Veg. Oil Ltd West Bengal
Gujarat Spices Ltd Gujarat
Emami Biotech Ltd Bihar
Adani Wilmer Ltd UP
Adani Wilmer Ltd Gujrat
Jhunjhunwala Agro Ltd Bihar
Jhunjhunwala Agro Ltd West Bengal
K.S.Oil Ltd MP
Mustafa  Oils Dhaka
Parrisons Foods Ltd Kerala
Vita Soy Almatty, Kazakistan
Dinesh Oil Ltd UP
Swastik Oil Ltd Nepal
JVL Nepal
Domingo Rigo Dominican Republica
Kaona Pokephand Ltd Thailand






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